The Divine Service

Traditional worship

At St. James, we appreciate liturgical worship and the liturgical calendar, the large majority of which has been handed down to us from the earliest Christians. We praise God as he comes to us each and every Sunday to deliver the forgiveness of sins, life, and salvation through his gifts of Word and Sacrament.

We confess our sins and receive holy absolution, we hear scripture read and expounded upon, we pray, we sing hymns, and we participate in the Feast of the Lamb with weekly communion.

In Christian worship, God is coming to and serving His people. In doing so, He is speaking to us. But how do we — how should we — respond? We respond to Him by listening to His Word. By speaking His words back to Him. By praising Him. By glorifying Him. By confessing, by praying, and by receiving.

He is the source and object of all worship and He comes each week to serve us Himself in both Word and Sacrament.

Because of this fact, much of our liturgy in the Divine Worship Service is drawn directly from Holy Scripture.

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